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<<疯狂英语 - 小学版>>第201712期

CK1712_01 Introduction

CK1712_02 So Long, Farewell

CK1712_03 Seasons

CK1712_04 When I Grow Up

CK1712_05 King Rollo and the New Shoes

CK1712_06 Rovaniemi—the Hometown of Santa Claus

CK1712_07 Waiting Outside the Lines

CK1712_08 Despicable Me 3-Scene A

CK1712_09 Despicable Me 3-Scene B

CK1712_10 Despicable Me 3-Scene C

CK1712_11 Merry Christmas!

CK1712_12 Peacocks

CK1712_13 the Pyramids and Mummies

CK1712_14 Top English-Lesson 10

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